About Us

What is Shopmobility?

Luton Shopmobility is an independent voluntary organisation that provides a hourly loan service of manual wheelchairs and electric scooters.

Who can use Shopmobility?

The service is available to help anyone with limited mobility, young or old. It is available to those with injuries caused through accident as well as to the long-term disabled. It is open to anyone in the Luton District and to visitors to the town.

Where is Luton Shopmobility?

The facility is situated on Level 3 of The Mall Luton's Market Car Park, taxis and cars can drive up to the door. From inside the shopping centre Luton Shopmobility can be reached by the lift from Church Street / Market end of the Mall.

Alternatively people entering The Mall Luton's foyer entrance at Church Street can use the intercom connection for assistance. A chair or scooter will be brought to you at the foyer entrance.